Honeywell LYNX Plus as one of the 2011 Products of the Year by Electronic House magazine


LYNX Plus is a self-contained wireless security control used to guard against residential burglary. The product provides homeowners with two-way voice, a combination control panel, keypad, dialer and speakerphone. The vibrant display is easier to use than traditional security systems—it announces the exact type and location of an alarm and gives homeowners information they need to react quickly. Additionally, two-way voice communication with the central station operator helps ensure that the proper emergency response personnel will be dispatched to the home in the event of an alarm. LYNX Plus also puts security and convenience at a homeowner’s fingertips. It serves as a home control with options to turn lights on or off and control garage doors with the touch of a button. For busy households, LYNX Plus’s family message center lets everyone record and playback voice memos for one another. As plain-old-telephone service (POTS) declines, LYNX Plus is a critical security asset for any homeowner. This product can be installed anywhere, regardless of existing communications technologies in use at a home, and is crucial for arming homes without standard phone lines.



Key Features

This product is critical for residential security, as traditional dialer-based alarm systems no longer work in one-in-five U.S. homes.1 LYNX Plus can communicate using standard phone lines, IP transmission and GSM radio. When combined with Honeywell’s suite of Total Connect Remote Services, LYNX Plus enables homeowners to manage their security system and receive alerts from Web-enabled and mobile devices such as smartphones. The total system can also send e-mails to alert homeowners to both critical and non-critical events, such as a child returning home from school. When utilized with devices such as motion detectors, IP video cameras, asset protection and environmental sensors, homeowners can receive a comprehensive picture of events inside and outside their homes. For example, wireless sensors can alert homeowners when an attempt is made to move or disturb valuable objects within a home such as a painting, television or jewelry box. 1Source: CDC Wireless Substitution Report.

Integrator Info

LYNX Plus provides superior, round-the-clock security, protecting property and family. But it does more than keep homeowners safe – it makes security simple. The product works alongside Honeywell’s Total Connect digital communications services, which give homeowners control of their systems from any Web-enabled device. When used with Total Connect Remote Services, LYNX Plus enables homeowners to receive important alerts, keep a close eye on their home and control a security system remotely via the Internet and the same mobile devices they use each and every day. Using a smart phone such as BlackBerry®, iPhone™, iPod touch® or any compatible wireless handheld device, homeowners can arm, disarm, check the status of their security system and receive real-time live video about important events, including:
• When children arrive home from school
• When flood or extreme temperature change is detected
• When a safe, liquor cabinet or doors to restricted areas have been opened
• When motion is sensed in a protected area
• If a painting or flat screen TV is moved


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